Inexpensive White Polyethylene Silage Film to Protect Feed

Silage is a nutrient that you give to farm animals so that they get the protein content, fructans, and other dry matter according to the required levels. If previously you just left grass for livestock without any wrapping, now you have to come up with a method by which these grasses can become grass silage bales. After all, raising farm animals is the same as caring for your children. Farm animals should not be allowed to graze without being limited in their intake.

With the presence of round or square grass silage, you have determined how much nutritional value the farm animals need to consume. You need white polyethylene silage film to wrap the grass so that it is easy to store and lasts a long time. Wrapping silage with white polyethylene film is considered quite economical. You can store grass feed for months without worrying about spoilage and you can use it when it’s hard to find a fresh feed.

Animal Feed Preservation Method

You may be new to the farming business. What you think maybe is just grass as fodder. There are other green plants and dry matter that can be used as animal feed. All the plants can be preserved by acidification and then wrapped using white polyethylene silage film to form silage. You can make a feed from corn, cereals, sorghum, and other field crops to be fed to cattle, sheep, and other grazing animals.

During winter or extreme changes in weather conditions, you may encounter difficulties in finding fresh feed. Animals cannot graze properly. While you still have to feed them as usual. You can open the silage that you have preserved for a few weeks or months and give it directly to the cattle. This method of preserving animal feed is very practical and economical considering the conditions that make it impossible to find a fresh feed.

Fermented forage is called silage with a moisture content of between 40 to 60 percent. You can also preserve grass that is cut and dried for use as animal feed, also known as hay. Hay has a moisture content of over 20 percent.

Why White Polyethylene Silage Film?

You will probably find so many choices of colors and sizes of polyethylene silage film that are sold in the market. There are green, black, white, blue, and others. The choice of white is important considering that this color can reflect UV rays so that your fodder in white polyethylene silage film will not degrade when stored in an open area. In addition, the use of polyethylene and not other types of plastic is also highly considered.

Polyethylene material is excellent at blocking UV rays and preventing oxygen from seeping into the silage during storage and feeding periods. The oxygen released will protect the silage nutrition and reduce the loss of dry matter from seepage. Then your losses in this livestock business can be covered. You can choose to use HDPE (high-density polyethylene) or LLDPE (linear low-density polyethylene) are reliable polyethylene films.

Things to Consider Before Buying White Polyethylene Silage Film

You will find so many white polyethylene silage film suppliers in the market. One product to another seems similar and not at all easy to distinguish. Before you decide to buy a product, it’s a good idea to first find out what kind of silage film you need on your farm. Then, you can check the points below.

  • Can the white polyethylene silage film hold UV rays stably for at least one year?
  • Is this product resistant to high puncture and maximum nutritional reception?
  • Note the thickness of the silage film. The thickness of the polyethylene silage film can prevent oxygen penetration, provide safety against damage to the silage film, and can reduce the top layer waste by its fermentation.
  • You can choose other colors as long as the products have the best quality to maintain the nutrition of the silage and can block the UV rays.
  • Check the manufacturer that produces this white polyethylene silage film. It should be the professional and experienced manufacturer that leads the market from the first year it appeared.

We can Be Your Partner

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Our loyal customers even have tested the quality of our silage film products for 18 months of use. So, you can call me to be your partner in your animal husbandry business as soon as possible.

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