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Difference Between Hay and Lucerne

Many types of fodder that we are familiar with in livestock cultivation. Of course, they have different characteristics and different content values. There are even similarities, such as the difference between hay and lucerne. For people who are already concerned with...

Is Para Grass Good for Cows

  Is para grass good for cows? Answering this curiosity needs complete data. Stating one thing as good or bad requires research. After the research finding is concluded, we can count the percentage of the good and bad things. Although a thing consists of a bad side,...

Crop Baling, Net Wrap, and Silage Film

The potential of crop baling processes in helping farms and farmers improve productivity is not something to be taken for granted. Livestock requires nutrients all the time, and this fact is not in direct proportion with the availability of feed that the animals can...

5 Criteria for Giving Lucerne Hay For Young Calves

One of the successes in breeding comes from the availability of adequate feed, not limited to seasons. Therein comes the role of alternative feeds such as alfalfa hay or lucerne hay, one of the suitable plants to be used as an alternative forage. Even so, feeding...

Livestock Farming, And Types Animals Feed

As a branch of agriculture, livestock farming concerns itself with raising animals for the purpose of deriving meat, milk, fiber, and other products from them. The practice of raising animals for human consumption is a tradition of long history, which dates back to...

What is Fermentation and Facts about Silage Fermentation

Insight into what is fermentation is essential when you are serious about producing the best quality silage. No matter how much silage you want to make, the fermentation process largely determines the nutritional content and taste of the silage. This not only allows...

What is Silage and the Best Silage Film for Highly Nutritious Feed

Knowledge of what is silage must be mastered by all farmers and ranchers, even all stakeholders related to the agricultural business. This means that you not only have to be familiar with this animal feed but also know how to make silage properly. The most important...

Why We Should Use a Feed Net Wrap

There are 2 factors that can affect the hay quality as well as the result production, which is time and weather. Unfortunately, these two conditions cannot be controlled. Therefore, we must find another way to fix this problem, such as preparing the hay in a safe...

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