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How to Make Corn Silage Feed

Narrow land is often an obstacle when farmers look for feed. No fresh feed materials can rely on every day. But at one time, fresh fodder is abundant. Unfortunately, these breeders cannot save the rest of the fresh feed to be preserved and increase its nutritional...

HDPE Net Wrap Manufacturer in China, Wholesale Price

Are your feed, hay, and corn production abundant yearly? You have stored it in such a way in the barn or warehouse, but it quickly rots because you don’t have the proper net wrap. While your livestock need feed every day and you are not likely to find feed fast...

Fermented Corn Silage, Optimal Feed Quality

The corn silage that you harvest takes some time before this silage reaches optimal feed quality. Fermented corn silage needs at least three weeks of storage to get a rapid increase in acidity so that the lactic acid bacteria can leave. It makes the silage stable. In...

Factors that Determine the Quality of Grass Silage Bales

Silage has a very good nutritional content of the animal feed. Grass bales can rot quickly if not handled properly. Therefore, you can wrap them into grass silage bales. Wrapped bales do not turn into silage immediately but require time for the fermentation process. ...

Utilizing White Silage Film On Green Silage Process

You know that white silage film has a crucial function. It can protect the silage material from extreme conditions. Besides, this silage has the main function to support the green silage process. There are some steps to implement the green silage process that we...

Save Your Money, Choose Silage Film Manufacturer from Us

Silage film is used for many purposes but mostly for agriculture; its main function is to preserve the silage. Choosing a perfect silage film for agriculture is required because a good product will determine whether it can keep the nutrition to help the farmer in...

Grass Silage for Beef Cattle Management

Silage film is used for the livestock industry, which aims to preserve the feed mixture and maintain the nutritional value of silage, straw, and corn. Preserved animal feed can be used for a long time, so you don't have to change it often or worry about extreme...

How to Produce Silage for Dairy Cattle

Silage is a popular animal feed among farmers. Usually, they use silage to feed their cattle when grazing is not optimal, for example, during winter. Cattle, especially dairy cattle, need adequate energy and nutrition to produce good quality milk, while in winter, it...

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