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What Do Cattle Eat? A Guide to Cattle Nutrition

What cattle eat details cow feed requirements. Covers the main components of a cow's diet, from forage, by-products, and supplements, to special feed. A deep understanding of the food required by cows will support their health and productivity. Cattle are one of the...

Polyethylene Film Manufacturer in China, OEM Factory

Are you looking for animal feed every day? And does the feed always run out in one day? If not exhausted, farmers will usually wrap the excess feed using plastic sheeting. Plastic sheeting is strong to withstand loads, is puncture-resistant, resistant to UV rays, and...

One-Stop Solution from an HDPE Net Wrap Supplier

Your fodder is messy when it’s stored in the barn? Your harvest is abundant, and you always get rotten crops the next day? Hordes of rats and ignorant hands also trouble you by tearing up the crops and fodder that you have worked so hard to collect. This is the right...

How to Make Corn Silage Feed

Narrow land is often an obstacle when farmers look for feed. No fresh feed materials can rely on every day. But at one time, fresh fodder is abundant. Unfortunately, these breeders cannot save the rest of the fresh feed to be preserved and increase its nutritional...

HDPE Net Wrap Manufacturer in China, Wholesale Price

Are your feed, hay, and corn production abundant yearly? You have stored it in such a way in the barn or warehouse, but it quickly rots because you don’t have the proper net wrap. While your livestock need feed every day and you are not likely to find feed fast...

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