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Silage Film Factory For Agriculture And Industry

Silage film is now becoming one of the important instruments not only for agriculture but also industry. Many people know silage wrap film for agricultural purposes only, but they forgot that it could also be used for any other general purpose. Silage film factory...

How is HDPE Net Wrap Made?

Do you know the material to make net wrap? Net wrap is often used to wrap and store animal feed. In general, the wrapper is made of plastic. Some are made of a certain type. For example, HDPE net wrap is a polyethylene type of plastic used to make wraps. HDPE is one...

Inexpensive White Polyethylene Silage Film to Protect Feed

Silage is a nutrient that you give to farm animals so that they get the protein content, fructans, and other dry matter according to the required levels. If previously you just left grass for livestock without any wrapping, now you have to come up with a method by...

Understanding Fermentation in Silage Before Making Silage

Silage fermentation is a method designed to make your animal feed easier to digest, more nutritious, tastier, and more durable during storage in difficult times such as extreme summer. As a true breeder who cares and pays attention to the health of livestock, making...

How to Make Corn Silage Feed

Narrow land is often an obstacle when farmers look for feed. No fresh feed materials can rely on every day. But at one time, fresh fodder is abundant. Unfortunately, these breeders cannot save the rest of the fresh feed to be preserved and increase its nutritional...

Green Fodder Preservation Method for Livestock

Forage fodder is needed because it contains good nutrition for growth. However, sometimes the availability of feed is not sufficient. For this reason, farmers must be able to deal with these problems. One of them is by doing green fodder preservation. In certain...

The Advantages of Tear Resistant Net for Your Haystack

Your straw wrapping material must pay attention to quality. It's not just about appearance. This is because it is related to the decomposition of straw, the value of feed, to the labor required. To deal with this problem, you may need a tear resistant net. The mesh...

Fermented Corn Silage, Optimal Feed Quality

The corn silage that you harvest takes some time before this silage reaches optimal feed quality. Fermented corn silage needs at least three weeks of storage to get a rapid increase in acidity so that the lactic acid bacteria can leave. It makes the silage stable. In...

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