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Silage bale film is developed to complete agriculture technology, especially in husbandry. For those who haven’t known its main function, this short explanation will give a glance. This film is to preserve animals’ food (maize hay and silage). After the ingredients are processed, they will be pressed in the shape of the bale. Then, the film will cover it.

Protecting the fodder for husbandry has some advantages that will prosper both the cattleman and the livestock. The animals will get enough nutrition even for a certain season where the plants are not as productive as the other seasons. For the cattleman, they will get high-quality meat and (or) milk, so the profit and the finance will still be balance (or even more profitable). 

There are underlined things that make the silage bale film nowadays is getting better. The manufacturer finally found a way to cut the production cost that makes the price is more affordable. The cattleman also gets the retrenchment.

The New Generation Of Silage Bale Film

By modifying here and there, although the production cost is lower than before, they can keep the quality at the same level as before. The manufacturer can also optimize the whole properties to produce high-quality film with low production costs. By this new process, and the expansion of the product width, the capacity is now bigger too. The bale that can be covered is bigger. It makes the cattleman reach the retrenchment easily.

Good Stretchability

The stretchability is now better with the longer length that can be reached. The recent technology enables the use of elastic material in the right portion to increase the stretchability. Before the new generation of the film, this always became an issue. Now, the cattleman is like having a new dream that comes true.

UV Protection

The UV repellent on the bale surface protects the fodder from the UV negative effects. It lengthens the preservation. Ultraviolet of the sun gives damage to the exposure fodder. With this cover advantage, the storage process becomes easier. 

There is no worry to keep the bale in an outdoor place. Give the priority to keep the bale inside the room, but if there is no more room, outside is still good. In wrapping the fodder, we used to have obstacles in ending the roll. However, the recent film is equipped with a sticky surface. To finish the roll, it doesn’t need a complicated finishing.

The Best Color

Although it sounds not so important at first, in fact, color has a tight relation with sun protection. Black tends to absorb the heat from outside. Heat degrades the forage quality. That is, most manufacturers chose white because this color repels the sun’s heat.

The Oxygen Problem

This usually becomes a problem when wrapping the bale. If the fodder is exposed to oxygen, oxidation will be started. This makes the animal food damaged. It is important to use air-permeable film. Thankfully, the technology allows us to have air-permeable film.

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Why We Need Silage Bale Film?

Almost always forgotten, the main function of the film is two. This is the chore of the whole reason why farmland is friendly with film and baler. Not just because to overcome certain seasons, preservation is needed because the grass and the other ingredients are short-lived. The second main function of this film is to accommodate transportation. 

In the shape of loose forage, the farmer or the cattleman faces difficulty moving it to the other place. Especially if the farmland is very large. The storage process is also simplified. You can put adjust the position of the bales to fit the room nicely.

For those who run forage business, it also helps to deliver it to the customers. Pick it and put it in the truck then the delivery process can be started. The film protects the forage from UV and rain, so the truck model is flexible.

Experienced Silage Bale Film Manufacturer in China

Getting the advantages of the film increases productivity (for the forage business) and increases the livestock’s health. Using high-quality film will add more advantages. Silopak is the most referenced manufacturer with many products provided. Over ten years, we serve customers from all over the world. Many countries choose our brand as their partner in husbandry.

Silage bale film provided by Silopak is proven to be great in durability. Not less than 18 months, the forage can stay fresh. The material of the film is special with good strength. It survives in extreme weather. The size also comes in various dimensions. It suits all types of bale. Any baler you have can suit the film from Silopak. That is why many countries around the world love Silopak’s silage bale film and other products.

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