High UV Polyethylene Film to Protect Feed

The problem that often comes to greenhouses or rolls of bales is film damage due to prolonged exposure to UV radiation. If not treated soon, your livestock will only eat low-quality feed. Low-quality feed will not improve the health of your livestock. Livestock is also susceptible to suffocation and is at risk of causing death. You need high UV polyethylene film to overcome this severe problem. Greenhouses that are built to protect certain types of plants also need a polyethylene film that is resistant to sunlight. If you use a polyethylene film that cannot withstand UV radiation, then your plants will suffer DNE damage, and over time their long-term health is at stake. 

Why Should a Greenhouse Use High UV Polyethylene Film?

A greenhouse is a temporary house that most people build to protect their favorite plants. All plants that are placed in a greenhouse must be plants that cannot be exposed to sunlight at all or plants that cannot be exposed to the sun for too long. 

Most farmers use plastic sheeting to facilitate the needs of these special plants. Even farmers also build semi-permanent to permanent greenhouses to protect plants from attacks by wild animals and people who want to act outside the boundary. Semi-permanent greenhouses usually rely heavily on plastic sheeting, which will provide shade for the plants. 

Unfortunately, not all farmers pay attention to the quality of the plastic sheeting or polyethylene they buy. They just buy it without knowing whether this plastic tarpaulin is high UV polyethylene film or not. After being used to shade the plants for about one or two months, it was discovered that the plastic sheeting was not resistant to UV radiation. 

High UV Polyethylene Film Advantages

There are several advantages that you can get if you use high UV polyethylene film.

Better Color

The less amount of UV radiation inside the greenhouse makes the plants have a more intense coloring. The flowers that you sell become more beautiful and pleasing to the eye. Flower petals with faded colors that look inconsistent will not be noticed by potential buyers. 

Less Pests

The use of high UV polyethylene film can reduce the investment of insect pests. One of the insects that easily infect plants is aphids. Aphids rely heavily on UV light as their source of vision. When the amount of UV radiation decreases, your plants will be protected from harmful pests and fungi. 

Slow Down Film Degradation

High UV polyethylene film, which functions as an absorber and stabilizer, can slow down the degradation of the film itself due to exposure to ultraviolet radiation. Some products can let sufficient amounts of sunlight pass through the film into certain areas of the greenhouse. There is also a high UV polyethylene film which provides total protection so that there is no gap for UV rays to enter the area in the greenhouse. 

Saving Costs

Using plastic that can block UV rays is a wise choice because you can save costs while getting a sturdy and reliable shield. 

Prevent DNA Damage

Using polyethylene bubble wrap prevents your plants from DNA damage. What can you expect from a DNE-damaged plant? If the DNA of the plant is damaged, then you can no longer get new plants that have the same characteristics as before when they were not exposed to excessive UV rays. 

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Reliable Polyethylene Plastic

When discussing high UV polyethylene film, we will only find polyethylene as one of the most reliable plastics. Polyethylene is a commodity plastic that is produced in large volumes and at an affordable cost. The flexibility of polyethylene is so good that it is usually used for certain product packaging films and sheets. Common types of polyethylene are distinguished by a branched version and a linear version. 

The branched version consists of low-density polyethylene and linear low-density polyethylene. While the linear version of polyethylene is divided into high-density polyethylene and ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene. We usually find HDPE, LDPE, and LLDPE in the market. 

LLDPE is polyethylene that is resistant to UV rays. This high UV polyethylene film has a transparent and natural milky color. It is also flexible with high impact strength, has good water vapor and alcohol barrier properties, is resistant to cracking and high impact, and has good chemical resistance. Silopak produces high-quality LLDPE virgin materials. 

You can count on our product to protect your greenhouse and fodder from any adverse effects. We have been selling high UV polyethylene film products since 2011. our customers are spread across several countries. They know very well the quality of our Silopak film, which is extraordinary because it is made from selected premium quality resins that have been tested directly for 18 months of use. Bad weather conditions and stinging UV rays every day won’t affect the growth of plants in your greenhouse. 

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