How is HDPE Net Wrap Made?

Do you know the material to make net wrap? Net wrap is often used to wrap and store animal feed. In general, the wrapper is made of plastic. Some are made of a certain type. For example, HDPE net wrap is a polyethylene type of plastic used to make wraps.

HDPE is one type of polymer that is often used in several industries. More specifically, HDPE is obtained from a chemical molecule called ethylene. Then what is the process of making net wrap made from HDPE? The following will be explained in more detail.

What Can Be Done with HDPE Net Wrap?

HDPE net wrap is one type of animal feed straw bale wrapping. This is intended to store animal feed reserves during the rainy season. For that, farmers will store their dry feed with the help of HDPE net wrap. Then what are the advantages of using net wrap?

With a net wrap, it is proven that animal feed will avoid reduction due to loss due to avalanches or spills. In addition to that risk, the animal feed will also be protected from water that can damage the straw.

HDPE Explanation

Before explaining the process of making HDPE net wrap, it is better for you to first know what HDPE plastic is. In the world market, high-density polyethylene is often called HDPE. HDPE is a polymer derived from a chemical molecule called ethylene. This type is most widely used in industrial needs. Why is that? Because this type has good strength.

Ethylene molecules that undergo the polymerization process will produce HDPE. Small molecules of ethylene will then form very large molecules. Thus producing a polymer. HDPE polymers are extruded in the manufacture of nets. The net that has been formed has power.

High strength can wrap animal feed in the form of bales. Perhaps most people do not believe the lightweight material can withstand the pressure of a large round bale.

Making HDPE Net Wrap

In the manufacture of HDPE net wrap, there are two important stages. First, the film material from HDPE is extruded into a large roll. The film material is extruded into a wider plastic. In general, HDPE is in the form of a wide sheet and has a certain thickness.

Then the next step is cutting the film. Film cutting is done to obtain a band that is narrower than the previous shape. It is intended for the weaving process so that later it will produce a net. Next, the ribbon is knitted using a loom.

From the knitting process, nets for animal feed will be produced or called a net wrap. With the availability of wrapping nets, the HDPE net wrap can already be used by consumers. They can use it according to their need. For that, the producers usually sell in the form of large rolls.

The process of wrapping animal feed using net wrap can be done with the help of a machine. Not infrequently breeders who already have their feed wrapping machine. This will certainly make it easier and more profitable for farmers. In addition, they will also save costs and energy.

Dispose of HDPE Net Wrap

Farmers who already use HDPE net wrap will usually throw away the wrapper because it is no longer used. Or they have a lot of stock. But it should be noted. Disposing of the net wrap should not be done arbitrarily because it will potentially harm people or even your livestock.

For example, if you are not thorough in removing the net wrap on the hay, it could potentially be swallowed by your livestock. Plastic cannot be broken down in your livestock rations. It will cause serious digestive problems. If the net is left on the road, it will be dangerous for passersby.

A good way to remove the HDPE net wrap is to first remove the top third of the bale. You can use the loose net as a rope first. If the top third of the bale has been removed, then take the remaining third of the unbroken part from the remaining three-quarters of the previous section. Then wrap the bale and tie it in an overhand loop knot.

The next step is to pull the knot of the loop, tie it, and fasten it. After the bale body is firmly attached, remove the rest of the wrapping. This will keep the bale in shape for when it is moved elsewhere.

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