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Are you looking for animal feed every day? And does the feed always run out in one day? If not exhausted, farmers will usually wrap the excess feed using plastic sheeting. Plastic sheeting is strong to withstand loads, is puncture-resistant, resistant to UV rays, and can improve the nutritional quality of feed from polyethylene film manufacturers in China. 

Special Plastic Tarpaulin

Plastic sheeting is very easy to find in the market. You can order it online according to the size and use you need. But what happens if you don’t buy proper plastic sheeting from the best polyethylene film manufacturer? It may only serve as a disaster tarpaulin where your silage won’t last long and will be damaged quickly.

Manufacturers focused on quality silage film, round bale wrap, and net wrap do not make ordinary plastic sheeting products to protect your animal feed. They produce plastic sheeting made of polyethylene film specifically to wrap your bales.

This plastic adheres very well and holds loads excellently. In the market, some polyethylene film manufacturers sell products with qualities such as UV resistance, tear resistance, high puncture resistance, scratch resistance from wild animals, decay resistance, chemical resistance, wrinkle resistance, reusability, the ability to maintain silage quality, and durability.

This is not the usual plastic sheeting used for household, commercial, and other applications. Manufacturers often use this PE film in waterproofing, renovation, mortar, pest control, weed barriers, greenhouse covering, and other large-scale industrial applications.

Polyethylene Extrusion

When you buy polyethylene film, you may not be given any detailed information by the manufacturer about how this special plastic wrap is processed. A polyethylene film manufacturer will simply say the extrusion process is the cornerstone of making polyethylene film. So, what exactly is the polyethylene extrusion process?

The polyethylene film extrusion process begins by melting the resin, which starts as small plastic granules, into a liquid and flexible form. During this process, the molten plastic is pushed through a circular mold to form a continuous plastic tube, resulting in the formation of bubbles. These bubbles are then inflated with air and drawn vertically to achieve the required diameter. The speed at which the tube is withdrawn from the mold determines the thickness of the resulting film.

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Types of Polyethylene Film on the Market

Have you ever come across household wrappers that are so thin and fragile that it’s impossible to wrap vegetables in the refrigerator alone? Maybe it is a type of polyethylene film that is not suitable for its use in wrapping vegetables for refrigerator temperatures. You can’t possibly make the same mistake choosing polyethylene film to wrap bale on your farm, can you? 

Before you decide which polyethylene film manufacturer to buy from in China, it would be nice if you knew the most common types of polyethylene sold on the market. Polyethylene films are made from various types of plastic materials. You can get polyethylene films of different thicknesses and varying colors depending on how a polyethylene film manufacturer produces them. 

There are at least three types of polyethylene that are most widely sold. They are low-density polyethylene (LDPE), high-density polyethylene (HDPE), and linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE). All three differ in thickness and tensile strength. 

It is still possible to wrap vegetables in the refrigerator using LDPE. While for those of you who want to preserve food rations for livestock, you should choose HDPE from the leading polyethylene film manufacturer in China.

Polyethylene Film Manufacturer in China

Silopak is a leading polyethylene film manufacturer that has led the market since 2011. We have manufactured in China even before other companies exported their products to different countries around the world. Our products include silage film, net bale wrap, bale round film, and many more. We create our silage film to preserve the nutritional value of your animal feed, allowing you to store it for a long period. You can now preserve the corn, hay, and silage that you originally laid out in the fields with our quality silage film wrappers.

We consider the conditions when the weather gets bad. You may not be able to go to the fields in search of fresh fodder. This situation is very risky for you and the workers. When the hot weather becomes extreme and the cold temperature sharp, you may not necessarily get fresh feed that can fulfill the meals of your livestock for that one day.

Our products save your quality animal feed. You can choose the type of feed and plant protection based on your needs. If you are new in this field, you can consult with our on-duty agent to determine the best choice.

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