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Your fodder is messy when it’s stored in the barn? Your harvest is abundant, and you always get rotten crops the next day? Hordes of rats and ignorant hands also trouble you by tearing up the crops and fodder that you have worked so hard to collect. This is the right time for you to contact an HDPE net wrap supplier soon. You need to buy a net wrap made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE). Wrap your bale and straw with HDPE net wrap, which has a higher polymer strength than other bale netting materials. 

Animal Feed Problems

Have you ever come across silage that has been damaged by water after heavy rain or flood? The animal feed will usually be black, have a pungent odor, and be slimy. You may not have enough time and energy to move the silage pile when heavy rain or flood hits. 

Meanwhile, the bale wrapping that you hoped to maintain the quality inside could not help you. The pounding of the rain was so heavy that this bale roll was submerged until finally, the contents of this scroll got seepage of water. Some of the silage in the submerged pile may still be salvageable. Then the silage can be re-rolled and resealed. But you have to do it quickly to minimize further losses. 

Hays that have been wrapped in bales may also get wet bales, the outer pile bales are exposed to rain, and the bales are subject to wicking. Some of the hay may still be salvageable if the equipment is available, access to the hay is good, and there is an alternative dry place to store it. 

Contamination of silage due to submersion in water can occur if not anticipated early. Early anticipation involves using a proper HDPE net wrap to tightly wrap the bales and withstand the impact of water.

To address this common feed storage problem, you need to get a wrapper from a trusted HDPE net wrap supplier. Imagine if water, mud, livestock manure, bacteria, and some dead animal tissue were dragged into the silage where the wrapping couldn’t hold it well.

Silage will also be moldy and has the potential to cause a decrease in production, weight loss of livestock due to reduced intake, liver damage livestock death due to poisoning.

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Signs of Poisoning in Cattle

Beware of the poisonous bale you keep. Toxic bale always shows signs such as a blackish color, a pungent odor, rot, and many other odd signs. Not like bale which is still in normal condition. The contents of this bale roll have been confirmed to contain toxins, fungi, bacteria, and rot and are no longer fit for consumption for your livestock. 

If you’re still determined to give food from a bale that has been poisoned, then your livestock will show the following signs:

  • The appetite of livestock becomes bad, which is different from usual. While cows typically eat voraciously, now they eat by occasionally grunting. It also seems uncomfortable for those watching them from the start until they finish their food.
  • Additionally, the cattle will tremor or wobble either when standing still or when walking.
  • The cattle’s body will look swollen with an enlarged stomach. Additionally, the muzzle will dry out, and the lips will become chapped and peeling. As a further symptom, the ears of the cattle will also turn red until it convulses.
  • Livestock will have abdominal pain, muscle loss, difficulty getting up and sitting back down, weight loss, and reduced appetite.
  • Cattle that are pregnant will get an abortion if poisoned. Not infrequently, sudden death also occurs afterward.

One-Stop Solution for You

To solve the problem of storing animal feed from your hay, there is only a one-stop solution from an HDPE net wrap supplier. An innovative product that uses HDPE material should be your consideration before buying net wrap. The use of selected premium quality resins has proven to improve the quality of the film or net wrap. 

Quality should have been tested with more than 18 months of use. This HDPE net wrap supplier may have involved many of its customers in conducting trials on net wrap products, which are predicted to be able to preserve animal feed for more than one year and withstand any weather conditions. 

Silopak as a silage film and HDPE net wrap supplier will help you maintain the nutritional value of silage, a mixture of feed, straw, and other agricultural products so that the quality of your livestock can also increase. We are committed to this farm industry to be able to help farmers in preserving feed mixture for a long time by using our film products. What kind of power are you looking for in HDPE net wrap products? Ask this when you contact our agent on duty. We are excited to deliver your doors satisfactorily.

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