Silage Film Factory For Agriculture And Industry

Silage film is now becoming one of the important instruments not only for agriculture but also industry. Many people know silage wrap film for agricultural purposes only, but they forgot that it could also be used for any other general purpose. Silage film factory does not focus on producing silage film for agriculture, but they also made products that can be used for other types of industrial product such as food, raw materials, medicine, and often a shipping and delivery services. 

It is common to find a silage film factory that produces more than one type of silage film because the use of silage film now covers a wide range of activities. Limiting their product into agriculture film will not give the company the benefit they want as it will only limit their market. 

What Is The Main Purpose Of Silage Film?

The main feature of silage film produced by silage film manufacture is a type of wrapping used for oxygen barriers. The main purpose of this wrapping is to ensure that the item covered by silage film will not be exposed to oxygen so the item can last longer or the item will not be spoiled easily. 

However, due to modern technology, silage film is now resistant to oxygen and is also resistant to moisture and UV. It is common to find silage film with these three main features, as modern technology allows the silage film factory to produce silage film with multi-layer construction. 

So, Does It Means That All Silage Film Is Resistant To Moisture And UV?

No, it doesn’t; although all silage films can be categorized as oxygen barriers, they are resistant to moisture and UV. It happens due to the construction of the silage film that makes each of the different one form another. 

For example, silage film that is transparent in color is used for a product that does not require UV resistance. It can be used to cover machinery or delivery products, but it might not be suitable for agriculture. As a result, silage film that is transparent in color has never been found in agricultural land and the farm. 

Some silage film is better resistant to heat and moisture than the others. For example, silage films in a bright color are believed to have better control over heat, so it is recommended for agriculture. While black color is commonly found in shipping and general industry, black silage film can be used inside the construction of the agricultural film. 

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Why Does Other Industry Require Silage Film?

Silage film which silage film factories produce is categorized into different products, silage film with 3 to 5 layers are commonly used for agricultural purpose while the less is common for general purpose. This type of silage film is required to protect the item or product from harm that might be caused by oxygen, UV, and excess moisture that leads to spoilage. 

It is the reason why silage film can also be found in the food industry, where silage film is used to preserve food. However, it doesn’t mean that the silage film for food will be similar to the general silage film as it also needs additional treatment to make the silage film resistant to odor and flavor, so silage film can keep the food on its original taste. 

Is It The Only Modern Country That Uses Silage Film For Industry And Agriculture

Silage film factory is now available worldwide, many countries produce it and the price is affordable as long as you buy the right product for your purpose. Booth farmers and industrial actors are now seeing silage film as a good investment as it can lower the percentage of their loss caused by spoilage fodder and items. 

They might need to pay to buy the silage film, but in return, they can also secure the benefit of keeping good products. Using silage film wrap for agriculture itself is believed to reduce the loss by nearly 30 percent, which is a piece of promising news for farmers. 

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Silopak has experience in dealing with international buyers, and it is regarded as a trusted company that contributes to agriculture and industrial activities around the world. To get more information about our products and services, please contact our sales representative.

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