Crop Baling, Net Wrap, and Silage Film

The potential of crop baling processes in helping farms and farmers improve productivity is not something to be taken for granted. Livestock requires nutrients all the time, and this fact is not in direct proportion with the availability of feed that the animals can use to sustain themselves. Fluctuating weather and other factors may hinder wild plants from growing, and the animals will not find it easy to find food even when they are let roam the farm freely on their own. Baling plant materials is a solution that farmers may find convenient as it means food supplies are readily accessible regardless of the current actual situation.

What It Takes to Produce Quality Feed

The art of crop baling is an age-old technique that is practiced by many and passed down to the next generation. Essentially speaking, it is a method of preserving livestock feed so the animals can still be supplied with nutritional sustenance for them to be capable of producing stuff for their owner. 

The quality of the feed is an important subject to take into account when expecting quality products that come with impeccable commercial values. Suffice to say that if a farmer fails to meet this very basic need of said animals, they should expect disappointments as the animals wouldn’t be able to give them anything of significance.

So that a farmer can perform crop baling techniques smoothly, special tools and implements are required. From harvesting equipment to cutting devices to mixer apparatus, everything needs to be carefully planned so the entire process can go without hiccups in the middle of it. 

While everything mentioned before is pretty straightforward and involves the mechanical application of machinery, the art of baling crop plants is complete only after the resulting bales are wrapped neatly within special packaging that offers an array of benefits.

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What to Know about Bale Wrap

Crop baling process doesn’t end with the bales being put aside in a special spot within the farm. The bales need to be covered in wrapping materials after baling procedure has finished. The purpose of covering bales in these wrappers is simple: They keep the content protected and therefore fresh for the animals to eat. Bales are bound to organic plant materials. 

Organic materials are prone to getting rotten from exposure to excess moisture and oxygen. This is especially true when talking about silage, a form of fermented feed. But this doesn’t discount dry baled hay as water can still dampen it enough for them to start rotting in. 

When it comes to wrapping products for crop baling, one can choose their type based on the bale one is making.

Net Wrap

Net wrap is great for dry hay simply because it’s made of netted materials. As it is netted, water and excess moisture can fall to the lower part of the bale, keeping the middle and top sections dry all the time. Needless to say, the way one store the wrapped bale holds an important key to keeping it fresh. 

Move the batch to a spot where it doesn’t get bombarded by the elements. Even if the bales are wrapped using netted materials, the bale still can get spoiled if there is not enough time for it to drain all the water it has absorbed before.

Film Wrap

Manufactured from resins, a film wrap product is suitable for use with fermented feed that is naturally damp to begin with. The content is neatly tucked inside the wrap, holding its shape, while it offers substantial sealing properties to keep oxygen out of the way. If not given proper protection, the fermented feed will continue to ferment until it rots. Exposed to oxygen, the fermented feed will undergo further oxidation until there is nothing left to give to your livestock by the end of the day.

What to Expect of Bale Wrap?

For every crop baling purpose, stick with wrapping products with the highest possible quality. It might not sound all that crucial, but the quality of wrappers you choose indirectly defines the quality of the feed given to the animals. Quality feed leads to quality produces, which in turn leads to increased profitability for the farmer.

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